Who can join CRed?

You can. If you have already reduced your emissions and want to
do more; if you want to find out how to reduce emissions; if you
have good ideas; if you want to exploit opportunities from the
coming low-carbon economy; if you want to help Norwich and
Norfolk lead the way for others.

CRed will bring together schools, businesses small and large, local
government, farmers, community groups, individual families and
whole housing estates to share knowledge and interests and
opportunities within Norfolk for carbon reduction.

Many have already agreed to be part of the CRed community.
Partners include Norwich Union (Aviva), The Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds, the City and County Councils, Farmers' Link,
the Broads Authority, the University of East Anglia - CRed also has
an Alliance with Powergen.

Only you can decide on the part you want to play. It could be in the work-place or in the way you travel.

It can be at school or at home. It might be through the goods you buy, or the way they are produced or supplied. Perhaps we will encourage the supply of local goods. Maybe it will be through the way we construct our buildings.

We expect to encourage different ways of generating electricity, or heating.

All of these - and many more - ways of participating can lead to sharp reductions in carbon.

Join us now

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to inform you of how you can be a part of CRed. Once the send button is clicked any fields requiring attention will be marked with a red asterix (*). Required Fields are marked with a black asterix (*).