CRed at Home

What sort of things can I do to cut carbon?

Our homes account for a quarter of all the CO2 we release - through heating, lighting, cooking and electrical appliances.

Well-insulated houses use much less energy, can easily save up to 60% of emissions and are much cheaper to heat. But everyone can make big savings by taking simple steps. For example:

  • Turn off the TV at the socket - don't leave the set on standby as this can use more electricity over the year than the electricity actually used when your watching it.

  • Put a lid on a saucepan when cooking and cut the energy needed by 90 per cent.

  • Fit low energy light bulbs and save ten times their cost as well as saving at least 80% energy.

  • You could even buy 'green' electricity from renewable resources - cutting out coal and gas generated power altogether.

  • Always unplug the mobile phone charger when not in use. Feel it, the warmth is caused by the constant consumption of electricity. Leaving it on when not charging your phone can lead to the wasteful use of energy and the emission of 35 to 70Kg CO2 over a year.

Our cars release over a tonne of CO2 each year for every man, woman and child. You can cut carbon by:

  • Choosing a fuel-efficient car.
  • Driving more skilfully and safely.
  • Walking or cycling that short journey instead of taking the car.

together, these can produce cuts well on the way to 60%.